Interior Lighting Design

for all applications from high end residential developments to task lighting for educational and commercial premises

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Exterior Lighting Design

for public realm, industrial areas, sports, façade lighting and much more

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street lighting on a busy road

Street Lighting Design

for section 38 residential areas designed to adoptable standards, section 278, traffic routes and private roads

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Lighting Surveys

detailed surveys of existing lighting and levels for exterior and interior scenarios, where the aim may be to save energy, establish the baseline, or check compliance

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Lighting Impact Assessment

full range of services that can be tailored to suit your needs, taking in to consideration obtrusive light, light pollution, environmental impacts and impacts on wildlife

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Daylight Analysis

Climate Based Daylight Modeling for Priority Schools projects and Daylight Factor calculations for BREEAM

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Daylight Assessment

Sunlight, Daylight and Overshadowing Assessments for planning applications

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Planning Advice

We advise planners, developers and private sector clients, giving valuable insights from the outset of the project on likely impacts and options for mitigation.

Lighting Strategies

for planning applications and public realm schemes

Expert Witness

to assist at planning hearings and enquiries

Technical Review and Checking

for designs and assessments