Lighting Impact Assessment

We are specialists in providing Lighting Impact Assessments, taking into consideration obtrusive light, light pollution and impacts on wildlife and other sensitive receptors.

Our assessments can be tailored to suit your needs, but may include:


  • Baseline Lighting Survey
  • Night time photography to aid in the assessment of night-time visual impacts
  • Lighting Strategy/ Proposed lighting scheme for assessment
  • Assessment, including Mitigation strategies
  • Detailed calculations and modeling for sites sensitive to bats
  • Standalone reports or chapters for Environmental Statements (ES) or Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Post monitoring surveys


We have access to a range of lighting software, so we can select the one that will be most appropriate and effective for your project.


We have extensive knowledge and experience of lighting design, and are able to guide you through the process, liaising as necessary with members of the project team such as the architect, ecologist, landscape professional and local authorities working towards a successful planning outcome.

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